Unitank Fermenting Vessels

  • Unitank Fermenting Vessels

Unitank Fermenting Vessels

Hoplex’s range of High Quality Unitanks are manufactured in the UK

Sizes from 1.5bbl +

Unitanks combine the uses of a regular fermenter and a brite tank into a single vessel, allowing the brewer the ability to ferment and carbonate their beer in one vessel, saving valuable floorspace.

Every vessel is fully designed and manufactured in the UK to PED standard so each vessel can be made exactly to how the brewer needs it.

Standard Features include,

  • 304L Stainless Steel Material throughout
  • 60° conical bottom & domes top
  • Cooling on the vessel body
  • Riveted exterior finish
  • Brushed Stainless exterior
  • Spunding Valve
  • Racking Arm
  • CIP Ready complete with Sprayball
  • Top 400mm Pressure Manway
  • Sample Tap
  • Racking Arm
  • Pressure Relief/ Anti-Vacuum Valve
  • 4 Legs with Height Adjustable Feet

Options include,

  • Fully Welded Exterior
  • Full Cylinder Cooling
  • Larger Outlet (2”/ 3” etc)
  • Carbonation Stone
  • Dry Hop Port
  • Pressure rated to 2.5bar 
  • Choice of Tank Fittings (RJT, DIN etc)


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