Beer in HD

We design & manufacture equipment for breweries of all sizes here in the UK Exceptional quality is achieved by virtue of our team, who have a wide range of experience in both brewing & engineering. This technical approach to brewing equipment goes to the root of our mission to manufacture breweries that produce high definition beer.

Million Beers

We are proud that our equipment has made well over one million servings, with many of our client breweries achieving consistently high scores on beer review websites, such an Untappd.

Constant Innovation

As well as our standard range of products, we always work with the client brewery to design, manufacture and install turnkey equipment which is right for their style. We love to be given a challenge, especially in producing equipment which will make the brewer’s life easier, to streamline a process and to maximise flavour.

Not Just Beer

While we are well known for our brewery equipment, we are more than capable of turning our hand to other areas such as Distilling, Food Process and process pipework. There’s a good chance whatever the vessel or pipework you need, Hoplex can produce it to the standard you need!