Complete breweries from 1.5BBL. We offer excellent value for money on top quality equipment.

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Hop Systems

Technology designed to maximize hop extraction, giving the beer more character and flavor.

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We make cylindroconical brewing tanks, pressure rated and non-pressure rated, with any option of fittings including RJT, DIN and Triclamp.

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Pilot Breweries

Test and design new recipes in our scaled pilot brewery.

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Case Studies

Eidyn also gave us the opportunity to build their draft taps which are mounted to their stylish bar. Made with brushed stainless steel and Perlick taps, this is a beautiful feature of their bar in Edinburgh’s Lister Square.


Cwrw Lal are an up and coming brewery in Wales, having won Welsh New Brewer of the year in 2016. Due to increasing demand for their fantastic range of beers, Hoplex were instructed to build four new dish bottomed fermenters. These vessels are pressure rated, giving Cwrw Lal the ability to carbonate in house.

Cwrw Lal Brewing

We really enjoyed working with Castle Rock, a well established ale brewery in Nottingham. With the recent appointment of an enthusiastic new brewer, Castle Rock were keen to increase the hop profile of their beers and achieve more efficiency in the cold hopping process.

Castle Rock

A well established brewery, Theakstons instructed the build of a conical fermenter from Hoplex, in order to increase their production capacity. Pressure rated and complete with racking spear and valve, this vessel is now commissioned and making delicious and consistent Theakston Ales.


Our neighbouring brewery, Beer Story was established in late 2017 and have achieved quick success with their range of beer inspired by world ingredients. Beer Story were unhappy with the variable time taken to rack to the FV and the uncontrolled isomerisation associated with this. Hoplex were instructed to build a Hop Dosing Unit in order to give the brewery complete control over the isomerisation process.

Beer Story

Fierce are a growing craft brewery in Aberdeen, making a range of highly rated beers. We were instructed to assist them in designing and building a turnkey grist case, capably of being elevated into position for each mash. Fierce also wanted to achieve a more efficient cold hopping process. To do this, we build a 30kg Hop Torpedo, which they now use to dry hop and introduce fruits into the beer.


Penton Park have been brewing beer on a nano brew kit within a Victorian kitchen for over a year. Due to continued demand for their beer, they instructed Hoplex to design a 3BBL brewery, suitable for the Victorian kitchen they will be brewing in.

Penton Park

Hoplex love a challenge, and this has been offered to us by West End Brewery in Leicester. Brewing excellent beer within their own brew pub, they have instructed us to design and build a combi brewery suitable to fit within their space. The brewhouse will have a single vessel Hot Liquor Tank and Mash Tun, with a manifold on the working platform. At the same time, they have instructed us to integrate our Hop Dosing Unit on the side of the Brew Kettle. This will allow West End to have complete control over the kettle hop exposure to wort, giving consistent and reliable isomerisation.

West End