Brite Tank

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Brite Tank

The Hoplex range of Made-to-Order, High Quality Brite Tanks are ideal for all breweries. With the ability to manufacture from 1.5bbl to 30bbl+, we are sure to have it covered.

Brite Tanks are used for the storage beer prior to packaging, and can also be used to force carbonate beer through a carbonation stone. Another use for Brite tanks is to be used as serving tanks direct to a bar (For more details on our Serving Bars complete with serving tanks and bar stand please contact us.

Every vessel is fully designed and manufactured in the UK to PED standard so each vessel can be made exactly to how the brewer needs it.

Standard Features include,

  • 304L Stainless Steel 
  • Dished End Top & Bottom
  • Cooling on the Vessel Body
  • Riveted Exterior Finish
  • Brushed Stainless Exterior
  • CIP Ready Complete with Sprayball
  • Top 400mm Pressure Manway
  • Sample Tap
  • Pressure Relief/ Anti-Vacuum Valve
  • 4 legs & Adjustable Feet
  • Temperature Display

Options include,

  • Fully Welded Exterior
  • Full Cylinder Cooling
  • Larger Outlet (2”/3” etc)
  • Carbonation Stone
  • Spunding Valve


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