Brewhouse 6 to 10BBL

  • Brewhouse 6 to 10BBL

Brewhouse 6 to 10BBL

The Hoplex 6 to 10BBL Breweries are perfect for people looking to start brewing on a larger commercial scale or for smaller breweries looking to up production. Manufactured from high quality 304L Stainless Steel here in the UK. Consisting of Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun and Brew Kettle vessels, Underback, 2x Hi Temperature , 3 Pass Heat Exchanger and a choice of single or three phase heating element sizes (other heating sources available on request such as steam or gas). Options include;

Complete brewhouse
  • All vessels use 304L stainless Steel and have hygienic welds

Hot Liquor Tank
  • 18kw Heating Element
  • Temperature Display
  • Top Manway
  • Polymer Level Indicator
  • Overflow
  • 4 legs & Adjustable feet

Mash Tun
  • Wedgewire False floor
  • Side Manway
  • Hinged Stainless Steel Lid
  • Hydrator
  • 4 Legs & Adjustable feet

  • Centrifugal Design

Brew Kettle
  • Top and Side Manways
  • 2 x 18kw heating Elements
  • Temperature Display
  • Hop Sieve
  • Polymer Level Indicator
  • CIP Ready
  • 4 Legs with Adjustable feet

  • Seed Filter
  • Counterflow Heat Exchanger
  • 2 x Centrifugal Pump, with High Temperature Seal
  • Stainless Steel Pipework 


  • Glass Manways
  • Whirlpool port in Brew Kettle
  • Mash Rakes & Plough
  • Grist Auger
  • Full Control Panel
  • Delivery & Install
  • Condensing Flue
  • Steam or Gas Heating System

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