Hop Torpedo

Hop Torpedo TM

The torpedo is a system which allows the brewery to make beer with a bolder and more intense hop aroma and flavour. It is designed for use with either pellets or whole leaf hops. Turbulence created inside the Torpedo housing increases oil extraction, efficiency and reduces the dry hopping exposure time to under 4 hours.

As well as pellet and leaf hops, the Torpedo is suitable for other additions such as coffee beans, spices or fruit peel. We offer the Torpedo in various sizes, based on the weight of hop pellets which can be added to each dosing.

How to use the Hop Torpedo

Fill the Torpedo with hops, close off the manhole and purge with CO2. Bring the pressure up to 3 bars by monitoring the pressure gauge, then open the bottom valve to release the pressure. Repeat three times. Fill with beer and activate the Torpedo, monitoring performance through the sight glasses. Fully opened valves will result in higher intensity turbulence and greater hop oil extraction.


Reduced dry hopping period – just 4 hours on average

Fruity rather than grassy flavour results when compared to traditional dry hopping

Gentle dilution of hop oils in a standardised process

Higher yield and flavour stability

Up to 50% reduction in amount of hops required to achieve required flavour profile