Hop Dosing Unit


The Hop Dosing Unit from Hoplex is an external hop unit which allows hops to be added to the copper in controlled stages. No hops are added into the copper, rather the wort is circulated around the Hop Dosing Unit and back into the copper continuously. Normal method of use involves the top housing being used for bittering hops and the bottom for aroma. The top one is activated for the full boil and the bottom for the late addition hops. Unlike adding hops to the copper, when hop addition is complete, simply turn off the unit. This prevents clogging in the copper, uncontrolled addition times and makes cleaning easier. No more emptying of hops from the copper.

– Controlled hop exposure to wort
– Prevents aroma turning into bitterness
– Improves hop efficiency
– Makes cleaning easier. No emptying of hops from the copper

​Beer Story Brewery, based in the same industrial park as Hoplex, recently instructed us to build a Hop Dosing Unit for them. They were having problems with hops clogging their brew copper, which meant racking to the FV was taking two hours. As a result, hops which were intended to add aroma to their IPA were increasing bitterness instead. The Hop Dosing Unit has solved this problem for Beer Story, allowing their IPA to sing with aroma!